“Oh, please, don’t, Derek,” she said. “These things happen. Maybe it was the roast beef.”

“No,” he said. “It wasn’t.”

She cocked her head. “How do you know?”

Smooth, he told himself. “Well, you’re not sick.”

She grinned at him and put her hand over her flat stomach. She had really nice boobs. He was ashamed of himself for noticing them at a time like this. He’d thought he’d get a chance to see them, touch them. He had totally blown it.

On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel, by Nancy Holder (via teensniper)

Jesus Christ, Nancy Holder, I was feeling okay about myself as a writer and a person who likes to write tearjerking things about Derek Hale, and then….this, which—.

Four for you, Nancy Holder. Derek Hale used to think about people’s boobs and how they were nice, and how he wanted to touch them, and how not to blow it, but it is actually impossible to imagine the current wreckage of Derek Hale ever thinking “hey, nice boobs, maybe I could squeeze one, that would be neat.” 

I mean, I knew Kate Argent was bad, but I DIDN’T KNOW SHE RUINED BOOBS FOR DEREK FOREVER.