A note about my panel write-ups: these aren’t static! I’ve been adding in links to video and audio as I find it, and I’ve been making edits with clarifications people give me. If you have video, audio, or photosets from a panel, feel free to send me a link and I’ll add it in. 

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Also, a clarification: I wasn’t at the alpha panel with Jeff and I was honestly too busy tweeting the panel scheduled opposite it to follow the tweets that came out of Jeff’s panel, so what I know of that panel is entirely what people told me later, and I only heard so much. If something in one of my posts conflicts with what Jeff said later/earlier in the alpha panel, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

Bitecon panel: The Face-Off

Bringing over my tweets, with bonus commentary!


Saturday: The Face-Off

This was a Teen Wolf trivia game panel led by Tyler Posey, with two teams: Melissa Ponzio, Linden Ashby, and Seth Gilliam vs. Sinqua Walls, Arden Cho, and Keahu Kahuanui.

Posey hasn’t come on yet, is doing shadow theater behind one of the projection screens.

Before every panel, guys. After that first time, I started watching the left side projection screen just expecting him to be playing around behind the screen, and he almost always was. 

omg the screams for Sinqua were deafening.

When Sinqua came out it got SO LOUD. I’ve heard he had a really good time at the con and wants to come back. He definitely didn’t lack for a very warm con welcome. 

Arden just got Sinqua to take his jacket off. Speaking of deafening screams…

At one point, Sinqua got up and — read off Posey’s question sheet, maybe? I couldn’t tell entirely what he was doing, but I do know there were immediately onstage cries of CHEATING that turned into Arden making Sinqua take off one article of clothing.

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Melissa Ponzio at BiteCon 2014
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Bitecon Writers' Panel - 'Killing off women' question
Angela Harvey, Allysa Clark


So I didn’t post this earlier because I wasn’t sure if recording audio was even allowed, but due to the controversy, here is more context for the answer to this question about killing off women.

chainsandshipsexciteme — “I wasn't at Bitecon and I haven't seen much of the stuff that was misrepresented but what I did see made me really nervous. Would you mind clarifying a few things? (Like did Jeff really say that Derek wasn't a minor when Kate slept with him?)”


Okay, so I’m going to address that question first because NO.  That’s not what he said.  I was sitting at the table closest to the front in the dead center of the room, right in front of Jeff (which is why I got a great picture of him) and what he said was “he [Derek] certainly wasn’t of age, at least not in the state of California.” But he wasn’t talking directly into the mic when he said it, which is the reason for the misunderstanding.

When I heard that there was a rumor going around that JD said Derek was of age, I instantly went to talk to three other people who had been in the panel and all three of them confirm that they heard what I had heard.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


Bitecon (April 2014)
Orny Adams reads fanfic.

Btw, the original fic that Orny was reading didn’t say anything about Stiles, he made that part up.




HIMYM AU: Barney finds out that Robin works for S.H.I.E.L.D as Agent Hill (Part 1)

They’re mixing two different universes together and yet it still makes waaay more sense than the finale.

….you know what, it really does.

HIMYM finale headcanon accepted. And then they pretend to get divorced and Robin/Maria distances herself from her friends and a couple years later someone captures footage of Maria Hill during a big superhero battle and she has to come clean to everybody and THEY ALL RESUME BEING FRIENDS AND NONE OF THE REST OF THE FINALE HAPPENS and also, later, the group accidentally meets the Avengers, and Barney spends the entire time convinced Tony is hitting on Robin (which Tony plays into to screw with him) and Lily, Tracy and Natasha disappear somewhere to bond and Steve is both charmed and weirded out by Marshall and Ted is left to try and socialize with Clint, who just sits there quietly letting Ted dig himself a deeper and deeper hole as his questions and overtures get more and more awkward. 


So Tony lets Barney off the hook and Barney immediately starts awkwardly fanboying all over him, and Clint lets Ted off the hook and cracks up and Ted is all “wait what you have a facial expression?!

And Robin/Maria goes to find Natasha and drink until the whole thing is over. Never again. This is never happening ever again. (It happens again.)