tiny vidlet prompt night

I’ve taken so many ficlet requests here — this time, let’s do tiny vidlet prompts. I have Harry Potter and Merlin on my laptop right now, so those are the sources to choose from. Give me a song and one of those fandoms and I’ll do a tiny slice of a vid. 

(You can just give me fandom and song title. If I can’t find the song on YT, I might come back to you for a link.)

I’d prefer prompts were sent to my ask box, but you can reply with them if you’d prefer.

Update! I still live, but my laptop is down for the count - won’t turn on, hopefully it’s a power cord issue, all my wips are on that computer - and my tablet is down for a while, thanks to me leaving the charger down south. So! Down to my phone, can’t afford to get Internet service set up for a few weeks yet, running low on data. Odds are you won’t see much from me over here for a bit yet.

I’m still on twitter (@trelkez), as that’s easier to use. Yay?

No longer on the beach at the unending funeral, but now I’m home in my broken apartment being jerked around by the property company, so the good times just don’t end. Have I mentioned yet I’m looking forward to October? All this repair work will be done (I hope), college football will be on, my birthday and Halloween will happen, the weather will be cooler, my paychecks will start getting better, and everything will smell like pumpkin. I have already marked September as a loss. OCTOBER! October is where it’s at.

"You’re covered in gasoline."
"Oh, yeah."

Finally, the answer to “turn down for what”.

me & the beach & coffee & fire ants

Hi, Tumblr! I live. Still in the midst of all the stuff that happens after a funeral, but I am going to try to be online for Teen Wolf. Did I hear right there’s going to be an ep on Sunday? Is that this week or next week?