New vid! Premiered at VividCon 2014. 

Sweet Ophelia
fandom: Hannibal
vidder: Trelkez

Download available here (right click/save): 76MB XviD

Warning: graphic violence against women. Hannibal has many other potential triggers in it, so if you are not familiar with the source material, feel free to shoot me a message and ask if the vid contains a specific type of content you need to screen for. 


New vid! Premiered at VividCon 2014 in Club Vivid. 

Hello (Party Ben House Nation Remix)
fandom: Kitchen Confidential
vidder: Trelkez

Download available here (right-click/save): 90MB XviD

My grandfather died this morning. Currently en route to VividCon, so I’m continuing to Chicago and will figure things out when I get there. Not sure yet what exactly plans will be, but it sounds like nothing is going to happen this weekend funeral-wise, so odds are I will still be at the con all weekend.

I found out on a street corner in Louisville, waiting for a bus. There are much better ways to get that information, I’m sure.

Fuck, I just realized I packed for Club Vivid and the beach and don’t have anything to wear to a funeral. Probably my Club Vivid dress isn’t funeral appropriate. Everything I brought is a color. Even my lipstick is too bright for a funeral. What’s considered appropriate dress these days?

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Sorry… I just… noticed how much you remind me of Talia