Derek Hale in Smoke and Mirrors

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Can we talk about how Derek shifts from full wolf to human (humanish?) by going human first with wolf fur still present from the neck down and then how the fur slowly shimmers away, because uh, I feel like that will be relevant to my fic this hiatus

Quick update: I didn’t manage to write anything last night due to a combination of technical issues and a prolonged state of football shock, but! I brought my laptop to work with me and I’m going to knock out some prompts on my breaks, so watch this space. (I’ll definitely be writing when I get home around 8, so there will be prompts up tonight, too.) 

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Anonymous — “Robin Hood AU”

I’ll save that for a rainy day, but if you want to give me a prompt for right now, send me one that follows the format I requested, please! Three (disconnected) words as prompts, and fic type (canon compliant, canon divergent, or full AU). 

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Let’s not even talk about the game. Let’s talk about fic prompts! I’m going to take some Sterek prompts and (hopefully) queue up a couple ficlets for tomorrow. 

Give me: 

- three words (only three!)


- canon-compliant, canon-divergent AU or … AU AU 

All of these will be Sterek ficlets, so you don’t need to specify that in your prompt. You can either reply to this post with your prompts or (better yet) send them to my ask box.

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Oh god, y’all, the intro to the Michigan v. Notre Dame game made me emotional. I misted up and everything. There was a feels-laden rivalry recap that was like the “previously on” before a series finale.

I’m having feelings about this game. I was raised on this rivalry — on both sides, actually; the Notre Dame fight song was the first song I ever learned to sing, and then as a preteen I spent years in and out of Ann Arbor while my godfather went to Michigan prelaw. And now it’s ending for the indefinite future, and that’s just so weird

I don’t want to be mad at Notre Dame, but, uh, I still think it’s hilarious that the Big House played them out with the Chicken Dance last year, sooo, yeah. Look, they had to know Michigan was going to get me in the divorce. I’m sorry, Notre Dame, when I was a toddler we had a real thing going, but I’m a grown-ass woman now and I just want Michigan to crush you. That’s all. 

Go Michigan! Because if they lose, I might cry. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE ME CRY, WOLVERINES. NO ONE.