General life updates on me: 

- I will definitely not have home internet until after Aug 20th. Woo?

- I move on Friday. FINGERS CROSSED, because things have been weird and the property company apparently hasn’t closed on the house they’ve leased me yet, even though I signed the lease weeks ago and am moving in three days. I’M SURE IT’LL BE FINE. Also, I’m still not sure how I’m going to move, because my plans for that fell through and have had me scrambling for a week to figure something out. Yaaaay moving. 

- Similarly, snags with moving mean I was unable to get the water and electric in my own name and have been assured it’ll be on when I move in and they’ll “sort it out later.” 

- The cats have been really distressed for days as the move has been in progress (sisabet moved on Saturday). They’re eating again (finally), but disinterested in play, and Ray has been a sad lump hiding under my blankets virtually nonstop. Sad cats make everything more upsetting and stressful, because it will only get more distressing for them before it gets better. 

- Work situations are awkward. In the absence of an internet connection, work was my refuge from moving stress and now it isn’t. Yay. 

- Also, my grandfather is very unwell, which would be stressful and sad at any time and is currently doubly hard. I’ve had a trip planned for months to go visit my grandparents after VividCon, and now — if he makes it that long — it will definitely not be … relaxing. I don’t want to talk about it, because seeing it laid out in text makes me too upset, but, yeah. 

Basically, August isn’t even here yet and already, it can go fuck itself. I will be around intermittently as I find internet here and there, but you can kind of expect me to be tired, stressed and sad when I am.

Knowing I will miss 95% of what passes around Tumblr for the next month, if y’all see something really awesome or cheer-making and want to message me a link to it so I can see it later, that would be awesome

Detective Derek Hale strikes back



Looking up sex tips to write better fanfiction, not to be good at sex

Watching porn to find out whether that position is actually physically possible

Saving gifs for fic reference and then having a friend open that folder one day and think they’ve found your porn stash


Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia

as i was scrolling down my dash i thought “oh someone photoshopped Hoechlin as a priest” but that was wrong

I said on twitter this morning that I can’t stop picturing Hoechlin in a remake of The Thorn Birds. 100% more dashing than Richard Chamberlain — possibly I just ignited a fury in my inbox, but probably most of you are too young — and, just, can’t you picture him dramatically clutching Meggie on the beach? ONLY AT THE COST OF GREAT PAIN, MEGGIE. 

(Look, I went to Catholic school and have been holed up in a coffeeshop for hours inhaling espresso, don’t judge. I’m just saying, I wanted an ashes of roses dress SO BAD and I didn’t even know what color that could possibly BE, and he really DOES have a priest vibe there. Right after that picture things are about to get REALLY INAPPROPRIATE IN A BEACH COTTAGE.) 

dude I would check out SO FAST I am just putting that out there right now